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August 27, 2006


Three things here:

First, I am so going to splurge on a Mother Goose book this month for my kids. I had one and it was my absolute favorite as a child.

Two, I'm not sure it matters whether they are nursery rhymes or Dr. Suess. What matters is the rhyme part and if kids get that, they get the language...though some poetry is better than others.

Three, I think it's just not "in" right now. In the late ninetees there was a small surge (at least, among conservative parents who were homeschooling) of interest.. which quickly died out as the advocates of "anti-twaddle" outlined reasons why Dr. Seuss and nursery rhymes were a waste of a child's intellect. Ever the literary loyalist that I am, I maintain that they have a high standing in my kid's libraries, but that is probably because my parents read them with delight and relish to me...And so, I do the same for my children...

In many, many ways, the extreme right marries the extreme it ideo fascism (as the hubs does) or extreme intellectualism (my theory) they cancel each other out. The only ones who have any fun are those of us in the middle, who just live our lives...

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