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August 29, 2006


Ha! I'm glad you liked it. That video makes me smile just thinking about it.

Thanks for all the great links, as usual. This space is like a treasure trove of all things blog today!

Thanks for the mention, Motherpie!
I have to agree with you, too, about bloggers who stay away suddenly. If I read them often, I develop an attachment, and then I worry about their absences.

Those guys on the treadmill must have spent months figuring that routine. Very good...

Wow. Antique Mommy's post made me cry - it reminded me too much of my own grandmother, who died when my mom was a little girl. Thanks for sharing it.

Those YouTube guys really are talented! Has "15 minutes" of fame now turned into "15,000 hits" of fame?

Hey, thanks for the linky love. The comments I've received have been really heartening, from the perspective that 1) I know I am not alone and 2) it's good to hear that my story has been helpful to others.

Can't wait to get home and check out the YouTube video (can't get to it from work...)

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