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April 02, 2007


First in money....second in everything else, except for the Dem ticket, for which she winds up third.

Campaigns, what a waste of money, especially in her case. Line them up on National TV for 8 weeks in a row and let them perform as they do on American Idol or the NCAA tournament. Let the people save their money, and then go vote. The little givers, think they are helping, but the favors go to the larger donors, and then no one really cares until the Political Action Committees come in. Money buys votes, so only in America can an idiot, who can raise a lot of money, win the highest office in the land.

Let's just be careful not to equate money=popularity with popularity. I think Hillary is riding on the Clinton, that is, Bill Clinton machine, the biggest machine in Democratic politics today. Her bullying behavior, to Barak Obama and Bill Richardson shows her true nature, which is Blind Ambition. I'm sorry for this, as she is a gal and such but I think David Geffen is right.

Here's the figure which is more revealing for popularity: Obama raised his money from 83,000 donors. Hillary raised hers from about 50,000.

I have a really, really hard time with Hillary. I feel like I'm in a minority, but the Clinton team leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Charismatic? Most definitely. Wise? Moral? I doubt it.

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