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Finished a Masters of Arts degree in Media Studies in December '07 (New School University, NYC) and I've loved every minute of my studies, especially while living in NYC, the media, art and cultural capital. Born and raised in Oklahoma City (with a brief stint in Amarillo and Woodward), I have moved as a corporate wife to three states, (Texas, Georgia and NY), most recently moving to Manhattan. However we relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico and spend a great deal of time in Fort Worth/Dallas Texas as two of our children are there. My stomping grounds are New Mexico, Texas, Colorado and Oklahoma. I have studied in Guanajuato, Mexico and Grenoble, France. Married 29 years to the guy I met on a blind date in college. We are still in love. We have three children, nearly all grown. Background -- Journalism degree with a minor in French; former career in public relations, advertising and marketing.

This blog started as a project for a new media class in February '06. Also in '06, an intensive blog study, part of a new media theory project for Media Studies Grad degree, published in parts in early '07 on this site, starting with this Introductory link to the study, Female Blogging: Issues of Identity, Relations & Play.
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Flickr Site:NYCMotherPie
Found Around NYC, a daily ramble of interesting finds on walkabouts in Manhattan, ending at the end of May '07 when we moved from NYC.

MotherPie Focus:Media, Culture, Art, Life
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Ethics: Code of the Society of Professional Journalists and Blogging Codes of Ethics. Art and photos are creative works.

Motto: It is what it is...

Passions:media, art, photography, hiking, horseback riding, french, travel, writing, family, and too many interests to go on and on about. Neurolingistics, narrative structures, .... oh, I'll bore you.

MotherPie History: The MotherPie blog was hatched in Feb. '06 as a final project for a graduate class in New New Media. (It got an A for a grade). Why the name MotherPie? 1)Moniker from the days when I wrote camp letters to my kids. 2)I filed the .com name in 1999 so it was handy to turn into a blog; 3)Mothering today is very different from our grandparents.... therefore, applepie and motherhood recombined. 4)I don't like being defined by my mother role although that is the role that most defines me. Hence: MotherPie. Gee NOW THEY ARE ALL GROWN AND I'M STUCK WITH THIS NAME but oh well, it is easy to remember. But, it is stupid. I admit it. Very stupid. I intend to sometime start a blog with another name, but I'm too lazy to do it.

Beliefs: Bloom Where Planted; Leave Everyplace Better; Faith, Hope & Love; Together We Stand. Hopes: After finishing my degree and taking a breather, I plan to either teach or begin another entrepreneurial venture. Making a difference rather than making money is the goal (my husband says just don't lose money).

AnnhorsedrybrushcropIt takes awhile to sink down in the saddle of anything one decides to do.  Motherhood, moving, career, schools, blogs.  Comfort comes with time.  Comfort comes with habit.

Motherpie_1That is me on Elk Mountain, as close to heaven as I think I'll ever get
on earth, sandwiched between my graphical liberties, the ladies who
represent my (new new) home of NYC as well as other things...
For more Self-Portrait information, see this MotherPie post

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