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February 24, 2006


Wouldn't you say Paris Hilton is the real life airhead Barbie of today?

"I always did. Perhaps this is what drove silicone implants, waif-like models aspiring to impossible figures and confusion with modern models of motherhood."

I hated Barbie with a passion when I was a child, however I have stopped blaming Barbie for these social developments of today's society. If you take a few steps back and take a look at Barbie, what do you see apart from a fairly psychotic smile and wrong bodily dimensions? It's only a plastic doll for heaven's sake. I believe Barbie is an innocent toy. We ought to blame social developments such as esthetical surgery no longer on lifeless toys, but on real people. I believe lots of the disturbing developments are actually the heritage of disturbed people such as Pamela Anderson, Britney Spears and not to forget this vulgar porn scene, which all people must enjoy according to some. (rolls eyes) I do blame the sex industry and Hollywood, but I also blame people for identifying themselves with a whore or a porn actress or a tall and bony catwalk model and mangle themselves in order to look like one. Low-selfesteem is a common problem of today's society and it is something each woman must conquer herself. I just don't get it. I was a fat child, but I never once longed to be as slim as, say, Kate Moss. I think they are ugly women and no one will ever be able to make me think differently. The same counts for overly boned faces: I like women's faces to be rounder and 'puffier'. When I look at some model's faces I have the feeling I am looking at a guy. They look sheer unattractive to me and my boyfriend agrees most of the time. The same counts for some of the thinnest and tallest models. Don't think of me as envious, though: there are a lot of (naturally) beautiful people running around Hollywood too. But I simply don't feel the need to look like them.

Other example. When I was a teenage girl, I never once thought my B cup had to change into a C or a D. Actually, I love being rather slim on my breasts because it gives my torso a slimmer and more toned apprearance. Why, even today I have to struggle to fit into some of the tiny clothes in my warderobe because of my BREASTS. It's idiot but true. Just imagine the pains I had to go through if I had a C or D cup. No thank you. With my weight and sizes, I prefer a small breast size.

In short, I do believe people themselves are too blame. One starts telling the other women should be tall and well-boned and slim and busty and shorter then men all at the same time! Well, guess what? Most women didn't evolve to look like that. Coincidence? Or the ultimate proof that nature (and men too, perhaps) like women rounder and shaped after all? I should think if the majority of women were unattractive, they wouldn't match up with most men and make babies.

Perhaps I am just a cynical femninist when I say I believe all of this beauty advertising is meant to brainwash women and make them spend their money- but that's what I really believe. Is all of this Barbie's fault? I don't think so. People are just about stupid enough to keep the Hollywood beauty myths alive all by themself.

I'm an almost 18 year old girl, and I agree with some of that. I used to play with Barbies until about the 4th grade when I decided they were ridiculous and ripped their heads off, flushed them down the toilet, tied them to trees, and made my toy dinosaurs eat them. I'm still not that found of Barbie, but Barbie looks like the best toy ever compared to her competitor: Bratz. In case you all don't know what Bratz are, they're fashion dolls with huge heads, tiny bodies, and disgustingly big lips and eyes. But the really bad thing about them is the way they're portrayed. Instead of having ambitions and dreams like at least some Barbies (like the doctor and vet Barbies), all Bratz seem to want to do is buy as much material crap (i.e. clothes and shoes) as possible. Sure, Barbie is kind of like that too, but it's not the only thing she does! Not to mention the fact that many Bratz are dressed in very sexual ways, such as in fishnets and belly shirts. I've seen plenty of career Barbies; I have yet to see a Bratz doll be anything except a materialistic whore (for lack of better terms). If there's any doll that needs to be wiped off the face of the Earth, it's Bratz.

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