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March 09, 2006


Hi-as a 60-year-old who is very familiar with computers, I have not gotten into blogs. I appreciated your comments on how to read one. While it is all pretty rational, there ARE niceties that all teenagers know but that us grannies might not! Thanks!
(great site, Ann)

Okay, I must say that I find it a bit offensive that you think people 30 or older are completely illiterate when it comes to reading a blog.

I'm 37, a Systems Analyst, and have never had problems reading a blog, or creating and maintaining one of my own.

I'm sure this is helpful for some, but I'm not sure why you think people over 30 are incapable of having the intelligence to figure this stuff out on their own.

What possessed you to create this post? Did you suddenly discover that many 30+ year old's were struggling to maneuver through your blog?

My own research studies last spring for a graduate media studies research course focusing on online news readership indicated that the huge majority of blog readers were men (confirmed by other published studies, as well).

Where to draw the line age-wise for a "how-to" was an assumption by the author based on feedback from my classmates in the new new media course this year as well as pilot feedback this blog has received in its first week 1/2 of existence.
Glad to hear there are pros out there -- appreciate the feedback...

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