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March 29, 2006


Hattie, Hattie. You make the bold claim that one will defeat the other. I see both existing for a very long time, but for the sake of argument, let's accept the proposition.

You don't explain why you think Wikipedia "will win". An argument is a set of premises which lead to, and support, a conclusion. You present a jumble of unrelated facts and an expression of belief. This is not the same thing, and not at all convincing.

"Britannica ... I had technical errors and couldn't open the document"

I strongly advise you to read this, before commenting on the state of Wikipedia.

Great comment... read Part II. The downside of truly intellectual learning is the difficulty of lengthy, well-argued pieces with the Continual Partial Attention (CPA) limitations of online information...

In the style of renowned Washington Post reporter Walter Pincus, the ideas will unfurl here in smaller pieces.

Stay tuned. Cheers, Hattie

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