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March 05, 2006


I must admit, the question regarding Melquiades' family is a hard one. I found another blog which seems to answer the question to some satisfaction:

The second to last paragraph discusses the idea of the three burials, claiming that Melquiades was "buried" by his wife and children over the five years he had left them alone. The explanation makes a lot of sense: his wife moved on with her life, much like Mike's wife Lou Ann moved on with her own. (There may be some interesting comparisons between Lou Ann and Melquiades' wife, if one inferred what we know of one to what we don't know of the other.)
Nevertheless, the blog goes on to claim that Jimenez was a fiction of Melquiades'. I'm not so sure that this answer is satisfactory. Why would Melquiades tell the truth about his family, then lie about the place he so loved? Don't forget that Pete had just as much evidence for believing in the one as believing in the other. It seems that the two are linked: one shouldn't exist without the other. For this reason, if Melquiades' family truly existed, then I think we may safely assume that Melquiades was buried in familiar soil.

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