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March 04, 2006


The writing on this site is terrific, also the topics. Nice to discover this. Are you going to continue publishing after you turn in the project? For what school? Who is "we"? (how about a profile page of the creators?)

Thanks Jane -- Your site today has a wonderful link to the top posts of 2005 - a great read:

Did you ever think about the idea of having children someday and then you found the someday was yesterday? Well, that is what has happened. when MotherPie became a final project for this class... thesis interruptus?

Sort of flying by the seat of my bloomers right now as MotherPie heads into week two, trying to juggle motherhood and family life, graduate school, a move to a new city and a bit of a fingernail bite about what I've just birthed here.

I am very impressed and had fun reading through the web site. How are you doing it?? I can hardly get dinner on the table! Awesome job. Would love to see you this spring when you get a minute! Great work. Keep me in the loop.

Thanks, Alicia, for the feedback. This is bringing together all of my talents and interests (although I did have to brush up on skills as things keep changing so rapidly).

There was a period of time where I had to use my skills and talents first on a part-time basis and then on a volunteer basis. I couldn't manage the stress level as a dragon slayer with the environment I faced. I only had six weeks paid time off when my first was born and a big chunk of that was accrued vacation.

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