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March 31, 2006


My favorite april fools was driving to your house in a loaner red mustang from Dad's friend. We pulled into your driveway and told you it was my birthday present... Sweet Sixteen!!!!
Happy April Fools, Big Sister!
I love you.
K. had a final interview last night with a great company. They offered her the job, 2/3 salary raise!!! So we're celebrating and shopping!!!
And that's not an April Fools Joke>>

You are doing a great job! Keep at it!

Mine was a couple years ago, the hubs bought Pizza from the local eatery, inserted tiny plastic lizards under the cheese and served it up. THe kids should have known something was up, because he never orders out, we always cook our own, but they thought it was a holiday until they took their first bites. Not that my house is ever quiet, but between the shrieks and laughter, the chandelier was shaking as were the walls of our house.

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