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June 18, 2006


Well, thanks, Missy. I hadn't thought about that before.

That photograph! Oh, that photograph!

Dad doesn't know how to comment on blogs, so this is his comment via phone conversation to me regarding this post:

"That horse was Timothy. He was a big ol' bay horse, a sorrel horse. We bred horses, always had them around. My horse was Smokey, although he probably wasn't just mine, I claimed him and called him my horse. Smokey was Dixie's colt - Dixie was an Arabian horse we had. And yes, that saddle was my mother's - it is the one that you have now, the one that came with your first horse, Molly."

Thanks, Dad. I love you. Glad you liked the hand-made pocket knife we sent you. Galloping hugs and kisses. Do you read this?

I love this blog and the comments about Pops-Daddy are wonderful.

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