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June 22, 2006


And so, a question from mom to mom, about nature vs. structure. I read the Britney Spears post and I've just decided to re-think homeschooling and give it a try this year, but then that and I'm thinking no way do I want a wild child who thinks she can get away with anything, even if she's extraordinarily gifted. But who am I to judge their motives? Especially when those motives change over time?
SO as it stands now, I will be a 3/4 time student (in college. I have to be a person.) and a teacher of my own children. IS this a recipe for disaster?
I plan to have them do a lot of sel-directed projects.

Thanks for the link! BTW, my problem commenting on Squarespace sites was solved. I don't know what they did. Another blogger who is not on Squarespace had the same problem, and she also had to contact

So why don't you give it a try at my site? If you still have a problem, tell them at the above address.

that picture isn't Lady, mom, its lili (one of her babies!) lets get some more cats!

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