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June 23, 2006


Ho ho ho. And a parsnip in a pear tree.

Also read "Discovery" by Marie Ponsot.

So you had three kids, they are flying the nest, I am all thats left and you want to go fly away so you can be you! Interesting.

Ra- you shouldn't feel threatened by what she wrote...
A man meets a woman- a person, an interesting fascinating person and marries her. If she stops being a person, what is she? A shell? No man can truly respect that which is nothing more than a reflection of his interests. Think of it as a diamond- only half the facets are visible until you turn it around and around. Being one is not being the same. My nose is me, but it is not my belly button. Does that make any sense?

From someone who has been asked the EXACT SAME QUESTION.

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