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June 17, 2006


I love these photos and links. Makes me nostalgic for my great aunt's house. Lovely

The house I grew up in since I was five years old had a huge rose garden in the front yard. Every year, from the time I was about 10 years old, I cared for those roses. I suppose you could say I have a green thumb. One bush, the Queen Elizabeth roses, was as tall as the patio roof and yeilded roses as large as a saucer. When my parents moved from that house they tried to transplanet the American Beauty Roses, but they died. They bought new ones and I planted them, and their growing beautifuly. I love roses. If I had a place to plant and care for them, I'd have a rose garden. Allergies or not!

My grandmother lives in Plainview, TX. She's lived there since I was a little girl. She moved to Olton, TX for a little while when she married my Papa, when I was 10. Both are cute little towns. When I was little, they took us to Palo Duro Canyon near Amarillo to see a show in their outdoor ampitheater called "Texas." It's about the history of the panhandle. I'm actually making plans to go see it again some time soon. :) Oh, and my daddy loves to buy his boots at Joe's Bootshop in Muleshoe, TX --which is now in Clovis, New Mexico. :P


Flowers remind me of my grandmother's house too! Pansies and the pungent smell of lantanas. I planted them this year in my yard, but the rabbits ate them! The smell of lantanas can immediately transport me back to childhood in Dallas at my meemaw's house. She loved flowers...quite a gardner. Loved flower arranging..."make your arrangements with three levels of height; earth, sky , & heaven." I remember climbing in redbud trees. The hand laid brick many memories. Someone bought their home. A darling "pointy roof" house from the 1920's. Paid a fortune for it and tore it down to build an oversized, ugly modern home on a too small lot. Too much of that in Dallas. But the memories remain and the smell of summer flowers.

p.s. To KristynMarie...people say that if a grown woman calls her male parent "daddy", she must be from the South ! I miss my daddy...he passed away 11 years ago this week. Hey! And tommorrow is "daddy's day"!

Picket fences evoke the best childhood memories fo rme too. My father built one around our house with a rose covered trellis at the entrance. I always felt safe inside the fence. My best memory is painting the fence, my dad on outside and me on the inside. Everyday we would paint until we uptied the paint bucket. It took about a week or so to get it all done and it was the best quality time I had with my dad. Thanks for bringing up that memory. Father's Day is a great time to remember it.

Love your writing style. . . looking forward to reading more!

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