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June 19, 2006


The thing is, no matter what anybody (Hershorn) says, women will do what they want to do. Which is only justice. I don't care how much this is in the news, it isn't news. Nobody's mind is going to be changed by it.

I like your site, so I have linked you over to mine. I hope you don't mind! You'll be part of the pregnancyweekly's mommies' blogs. If you would like me to take your blog off please let me know! :)

You make a couple of excellent points here (well, several, but there's two I love):

-- the concept of Maybe Motherhood -- why can't we have what we CHOOSE, despite what Hershorn would say?

-- "the issue needs our little chairs in a circle and not shouts from podiums." YES. We need to work it out together, moms together, not be lectured to by this author and so-called feminist or that person in the media.

Hershorn's op-ed piece in the Post really bothered me. Her language, her approach to the argument, just completely unpleasant. I expect she is bitter from having lambasted (or she would deny that she's bitter, but she sure comes across that way) but she could have handled herself in a better way and stuck to her beliefs rather than bringing in all the personal discussions. Sure, some of her dissenters did that, but that doesn't mean she should stoop to that behavior.

Ugh, now I'm riled up. ;-)

Your blog would be much better if you got the author's name right. It's Hirshman, not Hershorn.

Excellent perusal of the subject. I've been pondering these issues lately as I have 18 mos til I finish my AA and then I'm on to "Law School" Hopefully, with six children (most of whom are under the age of nine) alternating my hips and time and energy and stamina. My husband is the artsy type and doesn't produce a truly reasonable income, therefore, femenist or no, I am justified (need I be?) in my quest. Otherwise, I would simply be a rebellious wife of a republican.
What has occurred to me is that even the name of my blog declares my masked identity- I refuse to be present as a person, and it is because I don't know (am a little afraid of?) who I am as a person, as a voice as a human- male or female. Funny how the hubs knows exactly who he is and calls himself by names that do not reflect even a hint of his paternity six times over.
I have much to mull.....

One more thing. I wish I could email Linda herself to ask whether the women who marry "down" should expect the men to help if they are "less able" than the women. No sarcasm intended, just expereience. I've come to the conclusion that my man is simply unable to deal with some of the stuff I deal with. Yes, even when I'm taking ten hours of college credit, raising six children, and attempting to persue some semblance of my own life. The place I've come to is that I need to finish up my degree so I can get a good job and let him stay home (at which time the pooping and vomiting will be largely over.) I've also delegated my children's lives back to themselves, which means as soon as possible they do everything for themselves- bathe, feed, even cook and clean. Thus the blog, and thus the blog stalking.

Thanks, Candace, for catching my unprofessional typo. (Miss, miss, miss those traditional media editors!) I have corrected my post to reflect the proper spelling of Linda Hirshman's name.

I always appreciate the additional information and corrections provided...

Again, thanks.

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