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June 15, 2006


Wow, I had no idea how truely connected our world was. I mean, I attend a local university and everyone seems to have cell phones, texting their friends in class, etc. But, their not little kids, unless you consider a bunch of 18 year old undergrads kids.

I, myself, just got a cell phone and I'm nearly 28 years old. That said, my little sister, who's only 17 has had one for several years, and so does her boyfriend.

Sometimes I think that if I had the power to remove one invention from the planet, it would be cell phones. :P


I don't think anyone could have predicted (10 years ago) just how annoying cell phones would turn out to be.

We've had to put restrictions on our 14-yr-old daughter's cell phone time / # of text messages. It was getting out of control. The funniest thing is that when she needed to call someone and didn't have their cell #, she was completely embarassed to call their HOME phone number...wound up not placing the call!! So, landlines are retro.

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