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June 13, 2006


I think they are feminie constructs, but most usually, it is the mother who sets the tone in the home. A good, nurturing mom makes for a happy place to grow up, no matter what house you live in.
We have moved a lot over the past few years. I have posted of our changing journey. We have travelled a lot too. I have enjoyed seeing so much of our great country.
My hubby and I plan to settle eventually in GA or SC. I LOVE those states!!!! I am a southern belle at heart.
I live in AR now, and so I am technically southern.
I lived most of my life in CA, and for short periods of time in SD, CO, and PA.
I hope you are enjoying NYC.

That is interesting but not surprising (the feminie constructs part)

I have moved 12 times over the past 13 years myself and sometimes envy the idea of living in the same place for so long.

I agree, not at all surprising that their feminine constructs. My mother set the tone around our house when I was growing up, and it's made me the woman I am now. I care for my house and husband, very much the way of my mother. Women are so, so influential in the home. Daughters learn how to be a woman from their mother; Sons learn how to treat a woman from their mother. Not that all good women or all good husbands came from good homes, but most good homes produce the above. In my humble opinion, that is.

As for home being where the heart is, I'm not sure. I have mixed feelings about this. I live in Stephenville, TX. A tiny little town, my husband, Matt, and I have a house here. We lived in Waco before that and while I feel an inevitable draw to Waco, my heart is in Seattle. A place I've never been, how strange is that?! I miss my "home," when I'm away from my husband, so I suppose home is, indeed, where the heart is. Now, if I could just get my husband and seattle together, it would be the perfect marriage of heart.


Mothers are synonymous with hearth and home. They are the thread that holds the family togehter, whether in Texas or New York or New Mexico, my new home. I dreamed of living in the mountains my whole a log cabin. I now have made half my dream come true...still waiting to build or buy my log cabin. I love Texas, but my spirit and soul kept tugging me to New Mexico. It was hard to leave 55 years behind me in Texas, but I have not regretted coming here. My son has the love of the mountains and green of nature. He's in Fayetteville, Ark. But he was insistent we not leave Dallas until he graduated. He went from Pre K to high school graduation in the same school district with the same kids for 13 years! We moved the week he went to college. Rambling, but just wanted to say, some kids thrive on moving around; some don't. Some it bothers...some it inspires. You never until your kids are grown and tell you what they were really thinking!!

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