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June 27, 2006


And of course you know what commenters do: they pick out ONE THING you have written and make a mountain out of your molehill. Well, I am no different:

I am 75, honky, not 72. Geez, some women...

I have come round to the conclusion that blogging is really a pretty weak genre that isn't going anywhere fast, so I wouldn't lose any sleep over it! It is good for certain things: sharing thoughts, reflections, hyperlinks, photographs; but reading a blog is a profoundly different experience from reading a good book which has been worked upon for years, drafted and re-drafted, and has an archaeology of its own through which our encounter with the text can be built up.

As you suggest, I think blogging and the kinds of 'relationship' which go with it are rooted in virtual reality, something which displaces and often detracts from the real relationships we all need to be human.

I personally think blogging takes on something different for everyone...a chance to have an alter ego, play, reality-tv-for-the-web, an opportunity to try out writing, journalling, therapy or just staying in touch.

I liked reading your thought-provoking post. BTW one of my favourite blogs is "Blogs are Stupid" who has admitted that she doesn't believe that at all.

I've been struggling with this lately too. It's hard to stay motivated to write when you don't even know who your audience is. And, do they return? Or is it different people every day?

I have no specific political or social axe to grind...but have opinions about lots of different topics. Does anyone care? Am I making a difference? Or just wasting my time? Should I narrow my focus? But if so, I wouldn't be ME.

In the meantime, I keep posting...hoping that I'll figure out whether to keep bothering...and making sure I don't neglect my family or job to do so.

It's good to know I'm not the only one with these types of questions. Thanks for the post.

dearest sweeting, blackberry love is nothing more than the written word "by thumb". Nothing Marcel Proust, Shakespeare, or anyone else has written, is more than the same written word. So, "be still my heart", or "absence makes the heart grow fonder" is really any different in my mind, than my thumbs banging out "I miss you oxoxoxo" In fact, those x's and o's take more time for me than to write it by hand or say it. But paper and pen are not always there, and you are not always near a phone or awake when i thumb out those oxoxoxo, so, my post is "yes virginia, there is real love on the blackberry". Also, some blogs are stupid, but yours is as relevent as you are. In fact, it is more relevent, because a new 'you" comes out in your blog, like the 'alter ego" quote someone else made. I would be sad if it was not there for me to read, for its like listening to a song somone plays that i enjpy very much. Maybe i would buy a ticket to see it live. Maybe even those premium tickets. oxoxo

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