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June 22, 2006


Hi H.A.-

I think it's a way for us to feel better about our mothering -- like "at least I don't do that." Whatever that is.

Notice that it's okay to give birth (or have) more than one if you're rich. So, in a sense, the culture tells us that we can do whatever we want if we are rich.

So, mothers like me, who didn't exactly plan to have several kids, we just didn't plan not to well enough, well that beats all the crap that Britney, or any of them are getting away with. I am the ultimate anathema mother because I resisted femenism, rebelled against anti-femenism and I didn't plan my babies. What. An. Idiot.

And still, my kids are all alive--some of the healthiest according to their doctors -- and ten times smarter than me. I wonder if they'll make better choices? Or only different?

If I were you I wouldn't mention these broads again. It is not worth your time, and it is wholly uninteresting.

Sorry about that. If I hurt your feelings, give me a whop with a fish.

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