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July 29, 2006


I was going to say that the only flower I've ever eaten is nasturtiums. But then you would probably say that nasturtiums are okay, except they are the worst possible thing to eat on haggis, and I would be embarrassed. So I am not going to say I eat nasturtiums.

(Actually, I don't eat haggis, either. But that's for another b**g....)

You are 100+% good, Ms. Pie

I really like you. And thanks for putting up with me-- the picky proletariat. It must be hard for an intellectual snob to read a wannabe like me. You are sweet and good. That's all that matters. Oh, yes, I'm glad you have a mini. There are people I would hate for having one, but you're not one of them. Nitey nite, Hattie.

What a lucky world we are to have you in it...oh, motherpie, you are honest and brilliant, and creative, and fortunate, and probably you have no comprehension of the impact you have...thank you for your list and letting us see you warts and all !

I've had this post hanging out in my Bloglines for almost a month, waiting to be read. I can say it was worth the wait -- it's great hearing more about MotherPie the person. :-)

Hi, Where is Colorado do you frequent? I'm there, and got Taos all the time. I'll have to go check out your link to the female blogging thesis.

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