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July 14, 2006


I first heard that song last fall when my girls joined up with girlscouts (as I finally was blessed with a vehicle.) I cried. I LOVE that song- proof that some of the best things in life are the simplest. I wrote on FaCTNET to my old friends still in the cult, how I wished they could love me, and I quoted that song.... I still get teary singing it.

I guess it means your coccyx will be sore for about a week. Foolish girl....

I have one dear friend who means the world to me.
We keep in contact by email and phone.
I miss her very much since we moved.
When you have a dear, treasured friend, you have a wonderful thing indeed!!

Just now getting my voice back and walking not so 'bow legged' after 5 glorious days. I am back to my ole routine, but will cherish the time spent and the feeling of being loved, restored and revived! My special friend, per your usual fashion you eloquently have expressed what it means to have a girlfriend. And most important, one who you can trust with ANY SECRET! That my dear, is the litmus test!
And that's what makes our friendship sacred! (Wanted your other readers to know that you what you write about is not 'make believe'!)

My best friend and I have know each other since we were fourteen. We've been through so much together and apart. We know each others secrets and when we get together, she lives in Victoria, we pick up where we left off and don't stop talking untill I get back on the plane. I love her to bits.

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