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July 18, 2006


It is true, happiness or giving love, is a state of mind. I work around poor and sometimes, homeless, filthy, or unkept people. Somedays, I decide I am going to compliment three people ...sometimes I have to work hard to find something to compliment, but I try to do it. It makes me feel good! And sometimes I get the most incredible responses! I have heard it said when someone treats you rudely or bad, to give them love and send them on their way. You don't have to like to surround yourself with everyone. I have done a very hard thing in the last 10 years...Some friends or friendships are just too much I let them go. I don't send them cards telling them I've moved. I don't return their phone calls. If it is too much isn't a true friend. I have SO little free time, I can't spend it on people that are too high maintenance. I think in the end, if you have two or a handful of really true soulmates, you are fortunate. I have several. I love them and when we get together, it is like we were never apart...whether we are 22 or 72! Regarding doing altruistic things...I believe it is always best or adviseable to have a cause or a mission bigger than yourself. Get over a great idea ! The happiest people are like Mother Teresa and care only for others. I wish I was so selfless....I do know that when I die, I used to say, I want to know I made a difference in people's lives. I think being a nurse, I know I have.

Thanks for the reminder, MotherPie! And great comment, Eleanor!

This reminds me of a conversation I had with a close relative recently about why his relationship with another relative was so poor. He spoke about all the things that relative doesn't do for him...but never mentioned reaching out himself. It's important to love without expecting anything in return, and then to appreciate the love that comes back as a blessing, not a right.

Here's another happiness quote for you:
"Happiness is not a destination. It is the attitude with which you choose to travel." - Arit Desal

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