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July 01, 2006


encourage you did. you also told me the truth when i stunk, and even asked me to be quiet,not sing, or do it in another room. But you did tell the truth and when the praise was honest, i knew you meant what you said. But encourage, you did. I read you better than you know, and because i dont post everyday, does not mean i dont think you are good. you are, very good. i have always given you good critique and done a little editing for you here and there, but i always told you the truth, and you are much better at writing than I am at anything i do. ox

So how come Hubby never complimented you on your singing, huh? How about that, huh?

Wow, here's a bit of serendipity for a Saturday afternoon.

My hubby's 38 and just started playing the guitar 6 months ago. He's really gotten good - and sometimes gets up in the middle of the night if he can't sleep to "practice." I LOVE the sound in the house, (my older son is also learning) and maybe one day i'll join them... perhas with the tambourine, as my voice is not a singing one :)

I just saw your comment on one of my flickr pictures - the house portrait that reminded you of Alice in Wonderland (I warmly accept that as a Big comliment!) and found this post when I travelled in via the link in your profile...

My husband just started with the guitar. He's pretty bad thus far....but getting better!

RA- your honesty is always the best you can give to a person you love. The redneck hubs plays guitar, has always. I get jealous of her sleeping over there on my side of the bed, and her body (Oooh!) I'm jealous. But the "musgit" (my much younger siblings called it that) is so beautiful that it woos my savage (albeit nonexistent) breast. The man is a regular musical genius.

Play on. Play on.

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