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July 17, 2006


There was much pressure on boys to grow to men, and for a man to lead and provide the lifestyle for the family. At the same time, women were supposed to stay home and nurture the whole family (including the husband). Roles changed with 2 income families. As women began careers as opposed to second jobs, men stopped worrying at age 21 how they would provide a lifetime of security. Womens numbers at colleges, in the workplace and in earnings moved up quickly. Men who traditionally had a shorter lifespan, have seen it edge closer to women, now that women get to fight the stresses the men did in the past. Its all a business model. There is a certain amount of things that have to happen in a family. At one time, if there were 100 things to do, the man did his 50 and the woman her 50. Now they share the 100. So as women do better at traditional men things, men get better at shopping, cooking, going to school events,& pushing baby carriages!! I mean "sex in the City" was nothing more than than "the hunting lease" for men. The total output (GFP- gross family product) is no more than it was, its just different people doing different parts that all equals the same. At some point, everyone will appreciate the other's role more, and later, everyone will long for the "old days" and it will cycle back, keeping the good parts (like the real opportunity for women to extend their education and have careers)and finding a balance that fits.

Thanks so much for the shout-out. Honored to be mentioned in such esteemed company. I can assure you that from my point of view, the 50s icon on my site is less yearning than it is irony. Although I do dig the Wakefield furniture...

To put it into perspective we just found out we have 11,000 in absolute emergencies that have to be dealt with like, last week. So, do I drop college and get a job? Who is going to watch our tribe of six? Or, do we sell our only remaining back up assets (which won't even cover the bill) or take out a home loan with the assumption that in two years the baby can go to public pre-school and I can pay it off?

I would do anything to be able to be a 50's wife. Right now, I'm not even in rank with the 1650's wives (according to my history book.)

Thanks motherpie, for the place on your list. I highly value your esteem. Now go hug the man. He is a good one.

oh. great photo. The best this year, I think.

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