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July 23, 2006


Everything I say is Facscinating
A hilarious 20-something misplaced Texan.
Comical, optimistic, sarcastic, fun.

Slice of Pink
Very few grammar errors.
Pink, pink, pink, pink.

Blog Name: Cyndiblock Talk
A mommy in Las Vegas. They just let me have these kids. they didn't check references, credit or nuthin!

One of the best friends I never met - although, I did interview her for an Oprah segment.

She is amazing - a protector of all our children and an activist who never stops - we should all thank her - Polly Franks.

A blogazine review for babies with attitude.
Trends, gear, funky, fresh.

Paris Romance
Tales of a Cynical Young Wife and Mother.
sarcastic, honest, introspective, amusing

I love what you're doing.
A twenty-something woman muddles through finding self, sanity and everything inbetween

Les Becker
Visit me Where the Walls are Soft...

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