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August 02, 2006


But remember....whatever your underwear may be, and even if comando is your would you feel if you were taken to the hospital? I know....I work in the ER...even hunky college kids and the homeless are embarassed when they have on no underwear ! Guess mother was right...wear clean undies or be embarrassed at the ER. Reminds me of shaving my legs, which was VERY difficult at the point, before we left for the hospital when I was in labor! My husband wondered what I was doing...I had to tell him it would be embarassing to have hairy legs when one is so exposed (never mind the horror of the rest of the exposure !) Ha !

That is terribly funny.

I guess I'm really in for it. Either I get two million pair of new panties or make a bargain with the devil to never end up in the E.R.-- guilty of all the above...
I'd make my own, but those pantaloon thingys don't work well under jeans.
Bump, ripple, bump... I can just imagine my hub's reaction as he gives me the just-home-from-work fondle as I dash out the door to class.

That is just hysterical. And really puts things in perspective, doesn't it?

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