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August 04, 2006


What is she studying?? Graphic design??? I love this...

I'm going to be posting more artwork of my kids so my dad can see it. I have this one pic my son drew of himself, and what is so funny about it (at five years old) he drew his pants with a bump in the crotch. I never saw the picture til the teacher sent it home at the end of the year. It had been hanging up in the classroom all year. I spent a week pulling that picture out and laughing about it (he didn't know) every time I felt out of control. My kids amaze me with their little spin on life.

Like Mother, like daughter. You must be proud. Isn't it amazing that no matter their ages, they still seem to do things that can brighten any day and not even know why. Looks like she could have a graphics future?!

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