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August 21, 2006



I am a french highscool student, and I have to make for my english class a description and anylisis of an ad. This one was the campaign to aware of the dangers of second hand smoking, using the marloboro man and his horse lying dead.
I just wanted to thank you because this article can help me a lot to do my work, and some culture never sickened anyone ! Your article is very clear and gives lots of informations, for example dates and context.

Who is the latest Marloboro Man?

hello i have been trying to get a catlog from you cause i love to buy stuff from you catlog but cant find any do you have some new catlogs if so could you please send them to me my address is 1110 Hellman St. #2 LONG Beach Ca. 90813

Thank You
Tina Campos

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