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August 21, 2006


a had a friend who moved to the woods in arkansas, dug a well, stocked his pond, fenced his property, raised edible animals, and waited for the siege that never came. I will spray the bugs and hope for the best.

while many threats are real and vary both in likelihood and potential damage, the real generator of fear are the media and pundits.

Common sense teaches us to recognize and prioritize our response to danger. But we can handle danger without being fearful. It is only when rumor, speculation and focus on the worst are spoken of 24/7 365 days a
year that people truly become

I am with you, motherpie. And because of my small children, I absolutely must be present without fear, for their sakes. The proverb depticts my state of mind. I don't like a reason to go to war... War is horrible. That is what I took away from History 1301. Did you know that the casualties from the Civil war (including civilians) were over 900 thousand? 640 thousand were soldiers who died from disease. The number is larger than any other war we have engaged in and it is said that all the wars added together do not touch the number of deaths.

What grieved me was the loss of family ties, a sense of brotherhood. If we are to be united in our endeavors, we will stay safe. If we are divided, I don't see how...

My job is to seek common ground with my fellow man

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