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August 28, 2006


I'm glad you shared this with us. I remember reading something about this a year or two ago.. keep us updated. This needs more attention...

Its every 22 seconds, someone somewhere is killed or maimed by a landmine....Im continually amazed by the youth today....I'm guessing your daughter is still in high school...and to passionatly dedicate and involve herself in a global issue, WOW. These kids today keep amazing me by acting like their 30. Instead of being obsessed with new Fendi B. Bags (which are REALLY cool) and skateboarding, Highschoolers today are bringing some respect to the stereotypes. And props to you for editing your daughters paper!

Maybe I should edit these comments, too, but then... they wouldn't be as real. I love hearing from those who take the time to read what I have to say. What is said is more important than the correctness of it all.
Thanks,Starlet. You shine.

I was thinking the same thing, Motherpie. :)

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