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August 08, 2006


I was trained to be able to read the stock market quote screen, blinking and ever changing, but the new "news" pages with a big picture, inset screens, banner at the middle bottom, scrolling news at bottom of the page, time at bottom corner, temp in top corner, has baffled this multi tasker. The media's focus on being everything to everyone wasn't enough (all at one time), but we now have to hear "local" news on what we call "national" news. "Margaret had a wreck on frontage road", "Bubba lost his marbles and beat up everyone at McDonalds", "Latecia had a flat tire", "Mr and Mrs Smith had their divorce trial", "little Timmy had a fight on the school grounds that some are calling a HATE CRIME" details to follow!!! It has caused me to stick to weather and the financials. But my guess is, that "intelligent" people have been driven to reading books once again, as they did before the days of magazines, TV and radio. I mean, if you are going to be surrounded by "fiction" all day, which is all the "contrived" news of the day is any more, at least the bookstores have the open mindedness to have a big sign over the section, "FICTION", and thats where you can find stories that are dreamed up and at least some (if you choose authors carefully) are written well. My "English Professor" Grandmother is rolling in her grave as she peers down at most of those involved in the world of the written and spoken word (present bloggers excepted of course). So I quietly vote with my wallet, my feet and my time.The "masses" have always had to be entertained. I don't need anyone's help.

Very good article and excellent reply aa well. Gee, I feel out of my realm here, except to say that I am glad I read this and I hope to stay informed as I should be. But Motherpie?? I'm counting on you to present the most important material, because I do not have time to look it up every day. Do you recommend any blogs for this?

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