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October 10, 2006


Sorry your still having problems!

Unfortunately I think that copyright issues globablly will be problematic and we're just seeing the first of it. Thanks for the sympathy, Janet. Other bloggers, paste links in your post back to your site and unite against this.

Some days I wish my site was more interesting, with the troubles your having, today is not one of those days. I've tried to put the stop bitacle button on my site on the side bar but can't seem to get it to work there. I support your cause none the less and will keep working on it.
I'd be furious as well if I spent the time and effort you do to have it copied.

why dont you just steal it back?

My content has been stolen. Can you give me any instructions about how to handle this? They have 12 of my posts (I'm rather new and only have 34 posts altogether), photos and videos of my children. I am livid.

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