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October 05, 2006


Ha! I believed it. If you're going to play with the code, make it real high, like I did at the old site, where that widget displayed $6 million dollars. Some folks even fell for it!

On the other hand, anything is possible. This is an actual result:

Your blog,, is worth $11,533,552.20

All things in moderation! Blogging, like a job, working out, yardwork, painting, and playing a guitar, is certainly valuable and can play play many different roles in ones life. It can be a way to earn money, it can be a way to play at a hobby, it can be a creative release, it can be used for the ultimate betterment of all mankind, it can hone skills, it can be a social release. (I am limiting my list to only positive reasons here). That being acknowledged, there is a time to shut it down, and pay proper attention to the other parts of life. Creditor's, for instance, enjoy receiving your checks each month. Eating is right up there on the list. Showing up at events on time is still considered a positive trait. You wouldn't enjoy being called outside to watch someone change the oil in the car, or to sit quietly watching the taxes being prepared while you are completely ignored. I feel that the "off" button on the computer is a great tool that should be used each and every day.

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