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November 25, 2006


Lovely story! I like the light of your photo.

How romantic. What a gentleman to ask permission for your daughters hand in marriage. Congratulation to you all.

And that is exactly the way it should be done. I hope I shall be so priveledged (Times Five, you know) with my daughters.

This is so touching. Congratulations, what a wonderful addition to your family!

What lovely, wonderful news, shared so beautifully! Congratulations to your daughter! And to you all!

Your future son-in-law sounds like a fantastic addition to your family. I wish them many years of happiness, humor, and love!

Tell me which of these three to nominate!! I'm stuck. I loved this one, I loved the "Will you Marry ME?" post and I loved the "Skating Through Life" Post. They are all so good. Which one do you want to see on Perfect Post?

Ms. Merry Mama -- You are too sweet and kind to think of honoring any of my writings! I would never think of judging my own writing in any way other than to try to correct facts or typos! You made my day with your comment!

Wow, congratulations to your daughter and to the entire family!! I think it's awesome that your future son-in-law asked for your daughter's hand in marriage. How amazing!

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