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November 08, 2006


I took it and I linked to it on my blog today. Good luck!

Hi! Good luck with your project.

I have two suggestions for future surveys, regarding specific questions that I found difficult to answer.

- The question, "Do you work for income" could use an "occasionally" option.

- Likewise, the question "Do your family members resent the time spent blogging" would be better served with more options. I would suggest Always/Often/Sometimes/Occasionally/Never rather than a simple Yes/No.


ack! I said yes to email interview and didn't put my email address down.... email addy is above, i'm not sure if you can tell which is mine or not. Anway, if ya need me I'll be over there ----->

Great survey! Looking forward to seeing the results!

I've crossposted and provided the link on my women-centric blog.
Good luck!
Teri Tith
Childfree Blogger

That was fun. I'll pass it on.

I took the survey and I will mention it on my blog tomorrow.

I posted a link as well.

: - )

Fun Survey!
Can't wait to see results..

I was sent here by Kenju, and have done your survey.


Kenju sent me! I don't have kids but I hope that was useful to you. :)

Whoo-hoo! Glad you're getting such great response! I'd also be glad to talk with you further if you like, but I'm not sure whether I put my email address down. You can find me at the email address I entered for this comment, or at

Interesting project!

ps- i got all the way to the last page and it wouldn't let me submit. it got hung up on the last answer about the email. i kept trying to put my email in there and it wouldn't take it. it kept saying "please put an answer in the yes category" or something like that. even when i clicked NO instead, it would give that error. i don't think it took or submitted any of my answers. :(

Just finished the survey. Can't wait to see your results!

motherpie...Eleanor here. Just completed your survey and good luck on your project.

Good luck with your survey. I'll be very interested in the results.

Did the survey, hope it helped but I'm a 'newbie' so I don't know if my information is that pertinent or relevant. I would link it to my site, but I have no idea how to do that - sorry.
Best wishes

I took it, and left my email address. And if it will help you at all, my actual real-life job is writing for an old-media company, so if I can provide any anecdotal information for whatever it is you're doing, I'd be glad to.

I'm gonna link your survey on my blog. I just completed it and found your questions quite inciteful!!

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