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November 14, 2006


Great topic hope you get lots of feed back on this subject. I have used my blog once to get my point across about how I feel about drinking and driving. The post was directly pointed at my reckless teenager.
Sorry couldn't find the post in my history to share once again however I don't regret posting it.

"Some things just go unsaid. unblogged. unpublished."

You're right. Many of us could write a book, a really scary book, with all the things we leave out of our blogs. But we won't do that either because few people want to broadcast their fears and their weaknesses to the world. Sure, we write about our doubts, our insecurities, etc., but generally leave out the heavy stuff. Of course, there are exceptions, but I think as a general rule you've nailed it!

I agree with Janet. The more we talk about the problems with teenagers and even early 20's kids, the more we enlighten and prepare other moms. My kids did absolutely everything that I said MY CHILD would never do. I am a free spirit; and my son, especially, is a free spirit. Hard to watch them grow up and make the same mistakes you made ! But you just have to. It is so painful to watch them suffer. As mothers, it goes against everything we feel. So we try to protect them and yet not leave them unprepared to solve life's stumbling blocks. They have lots of resources, most of them. Intelligence, empathy, values and they know when they have violated them. So we preach and we get it out there for them to hear and PRAY that in the back of their yet unfinished brains, that they remember and hear our little voices when they consider their path through the minefields of life. And then you just have to hope that guardian angels watch over them when they are out of sight!
Great topic ! Younger moms, read and remember.

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