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November 30, 2006


I have a wonderful MIL and it has made married life all the sweeter. She has blessed her son with her kindness and love for me.

My MIL rocks, I have been so blessed.
Man, I miss the city in during the holidays!
You are so lucky, maybe next year i'll take the family up to my old stomping grounds.

Sparkman-Hillcrest cemetary in Dallas has all 4 of my grandparents buried head to head. They joked when I was young, that they would play a foursome of spades (or bridge) til eternity. My grandmothers also made sure they had great view of Neiman's as well. I took for granted that everyones grandparents knew each other and were neighbors.

I am so happy for you :)My mother-in-law was from H-E-L-L! In more ways than one, she's responsible for my divorce. Consider yourself blessed.

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