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December 12, 2006


Is it "wierd" or "weird" ? You spell it one way in the headline, and the other way in the text. Or, are you making a point ? After flying to every state in the country for business, and on my way in from every airport is a new clean, brick shopping mall, and in every one is a Barnes and Noble, Bed Bath and Beyond, Starbucks, Macy's , Godiva, and you get the picture. The other day it struck me that I couldnt tell you what town I was in and I had to open my briefcase and look at the plane ticket I had just used. First, it was just "wierd" that I couldnt tell one town from another. Sad too! But mostly, BORING. Thats what I like about the country villages in England, the wide spots in the road in France, and the Tuscany region of Italy, nothing is the same. So whats my point? Since we insist on being homogenous and boring, and everything has to be the same, the last bastion of individualism is ourselves. So, please, everyone, keep acting wierd, it's all we have left.

Hey, Hey I'm back. Not a spammer anymore.
Should I go back and add all my comments that I couldn't add before??

My weird nesses: You spell it weird! Or weird isn't weird; it's correct !
#1 Never met a dog I didn't love, love, love. #2 I have short tiny day after a pedicure they said I should get a discount ! #3 I love my books...they are like old friends. Love to even re-read /visit them. #4 NOT a morning person...don't talk in the morning and wake up easy...5:30 pm...dusk is my hour...I come alive ! #4 Was married to a man 24 years older than I as a very young woman; and as a 45 year old divorcee dated a man 22 years younger ! #5 I consider myself a universalist when it comes to religion...I enjoy things from many faiths and beliefs...inclusiveness... and believe we will see Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and Christians in Heaven ! #6 Love to kiss babies on the tops of their heads and, like you ,love babies! #7 Very intense little creature...when I am happy; I am elated and when I am mad, I am mad as hell; when I am depressed, I am in a very low place. #8 I believe family is everything ! But then again, I have a great one.

Hey, nice to see you are weird too! Thanks for mentioning my blog!

Glad to join you in your weirdness. I went to a refined tea tasting recently, and it was anything but refined....and I started wondering does a mother of 3 need to be at anything that might be refined on the one night she is without her kids....weird, I tell you!

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