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February 22, 2007


This is like an epiphany! I have wondered if I was odd because I can spend seeming hours following links and getting lost in the "virtual textual literacy environment", and my spouse gets frustrated even checking email on our home computer. I never knew I was part of a sisterhood. I am truly an online information seeker, thanks to graduate school, and I love researching every aspect of a topic. Very interesting study, well done!

much to consider in your study and directions you point to needing further research. connection between women giving birth and faster adaptation to textual environment seems too big a stretch--believe this is called "essentialist feminism."

issue of losing track of time has many ramifications. will it appear in #3 on commercialization? hope you will place all this in a separate category--or maybe you have and i missed it!

I'm reading through your results now.... and this is fantastic! I'm definitely going to write up something on this - for now I've just linked to you in a post today.

The Hyperlink has certainly changed the world and the way we gather information. I can't say I lose track of time following them, but, you do end up in quite unexpected and enlightening places at time (that's why I loved moving to firefox with all of the multiple tabs, etc, so you don't have to lose your place of where you started or can save interesting side-trips for later).

Good good stuff here!

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