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February 19, 2007


Just read parts I and II. Fascinating. Can't wait to see the rest.

Great stuff - will definitely blog this. Can I ask how you went about gathering respondents for your study?

Also, if I put toghether a press release, can I have permission to quote some of your stats?

This study is long overdue... wait, I guess blogging has only been around for a few years. I guess you've just been able to answer some of my own burning questions about what we as bloggers do. Thank you! :)

Hi -- um, is the link at the foot of this post correct? It took me to a different blog involving someone named Brandi.

Wendy -- yes, you may quote this and if you do, a link to the survey would be appreciated and a mention that it was published on MotherPie by H.A. Page.

Liza -- Thanks for letting me know the link isn't working...I have fixed it (I'm out of town and was too rushed this morning.)

Oy, I hope you get a high grade on this. You've certainly done the work!

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