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February 17, 2007


Also, it's nice to have space. People who live in tiny places on top of each other tend to argue a lot..

Although, Claude is correct in her statement, I have to tell you another side of it. We moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where housing is OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive. And the southwestern/native american influence is strong. So people there are quite content to live in small, cozy, quaint little homes...even people who are attorneys and physicians. And there is a conservationism and environmentalism spirit of thought there. And an antimaterialistic mindset. So, when we moved from a huge home in Dallas to a small casita in Santa Fe, I was complaining about all my stuff that we had to store in our garage. And a co-worker I admire made the comment of....well, just how much room does one need anyway? And that got me to thinking...she was right ! No need to impress and land is valued here, so people are outside, not inside alot. So, with an inference to simplify, I ask much room does one really need? And you start to think , these small houses are sort of the answer.

Hallo from Australia,
Thankyou for the comment you left at Secret Hill about our dog.

I like your blog and this post on small houses made me smile...because? We moved from the Uk (where we lived in a three bedroom Victorian town house), to Oz. We now live in a one bedroom house on half an acre of bushland. I think having the tiny half acre makes all the difference. If we had no land, we'd have no dog!

Thanks for visiting my site.

I had to adjust to a new concept of 'space' when I moved to NYC from Louisiana almost a decade ago. Now I appreciate small and more intimate places than huge castle like homes.

But I do fantasize sometimes of a country house somewhere upstate.

Hi Mompie,

Here is where hubby lived for 2 years and one month. I was there quite a bit and it amazing what we don't need and what we truly can live without....

i actually saw an article about these tiny homes in a magazine a little while back. Interesting concept, but i am not sure whether i could do it or not. and like you said, where would the kids go?? ;)

i think it's funny that most families are smaller now(1-2 kids) but we live in HUGE homes. i like smaller and more intimate homes...but i think i might feel a little claustrophobic in these. but smaller is better in conserve a lot less energy and resources that way. i enjoyed seeing these homes and reading about the trends.

I don't see this catching on in Texas where we like everything big. :)

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