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February 14, 2007


He sounds like a great guy. Does he send flowers and chocolates?

Happy Happy Valentines' Day to two young lovebirds!!!

Saying you two have been through alot, is an understatement. But your joys and successes are legion. You have no idea how lucky you are to still be in love after all these years. Others can't make a marriage marriage, two, three, ???? Maybe it was luck. Maybe it was choosing wisely (how could that be when you were 19 ?!)Maybe it was a divine gift. Maybe your planets were aligned. Maybe you just didn't give up when it got hard. Maybe it's in your genes (why didn't I get it?). Thank you for sharing your love with us. Thank you for being an example that some couples make it. Love and marriage...a tough gig, but worth the effort.

beautiful, beautiful post--feel privileged to read it.

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