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March 31, 2007


That porch is just where I want to live! It is so lush there! I could imagine in the old days, families sat and rocked and darned and knitted and embroidered or whittled and chatted about the day's experiences or solved the world's problems. The problems must have seemed large, and we would probably consider them minutia now. Right now, I am focused having a "still mind"...peace, serenity, tranquility. We are so bombarded by stimuli on the outside and internal chatter on the inside. Wish I could sit on that porch and worry about the crops and chickens instead of bills !

Love your porch! I can imagine how peaceful it must be to sit there after supper for a chat with friends, or some quiet browsing/blogging, as a cool breeze blows, the birds twitter and the sun slides down in the horizon. Sigh!

Anyway, thanks for the mention about my blog.

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