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March 12, 2007


Excellent! I do believe this method of communication has become an integral part of socializing. It is a way to get past all the typical barriers and begin to know someone strictly as an individual with ideas.

Meeting other bloggers: I won't be doing it. I like it this way. There's something about being able to communicate idea-to-idea that is much more appealing.



I really enjoy your findings, I'm glad you share them.

I think your study is quite interesting. I'm surprised that young mothers today find their social circle of confidents decreasing in number from what I experienced years earlier -- BG (before blogging.) I know my friends and I certainly depended strongly on each other to help coping with our life challenges during those times of our life that you describe. The friends, some new, were most highly valued when I returned to college, had all the stresses and strains of being pulled in sixteen different directions at the same time, or so it seemed for too many years, between children, husband, mother, other responsibilities and my own needs.

Now, too many of those friends are gone from my immediate presence due to some moving long distances away, and even some of them and others, deceased. I hadn't made much effort to replace my local social circle as I allowed myself to pull away from others while enjoying my decreased but continued responsibilities at home. My continued working, made time to myself became a highly desired situation.

Suddenly, I was completely alone less than a year ago. Prior to that, coincidentally I began using a computer, eventually visiting the blogosphere, ultimately making virtual friends there. However, I was initially resistant, then ambivalent, and finally, accepting and welcoming of such friendships. I once rejected the idea of ever meeting anyone met through the Internet, but have found my position on that subject even changing, though I have not sought out or had any meeting in person with another blogger, nor do I feel compelled to go out of my way to make that happen.

One interesting element about which I have become aware, is that I am more willing to risk facilitating developing a friendship both virtual or in real life at a much more rapid pace through sharing and increasing intimacy than I once would have in the interests of being slowly cautious and discerning. I rarely, if ever, was disappointed in those who became friends with my life long approach. Now, I'll find it interesting to see if I can be equally successful with this accelerated pace of establishing new relationships. My reality is at 71 years of age, there aren't a lot of years to let a relationship brew, though I'm planning on being around to 100. ;-)

Do you know thatAustralia's 107-year-old Olive Riley is the world's oldest blogger? Her blog is

I wrote about her in The World's First Multi-National e-Book:

Best wishes, Eric.

Rich, rich, rich information -- thank you for capturing what we are all experiencing. I only stopped nursing 2 years ago -- and now, I think back on how different that experience would have been if I had known other bloggers going through the same experience. I'm off to visit Olive.

This has been an immensely interesting exercise. Very well done.

Thanks for the mention, MotherPie! And thanks also for the challenge to list 10 things I like about Obama. By the time you wake up on Saturday morning, they'll be on my blog. It was a good exercise for me. Have a great weekend!

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