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March 27, 2007


Oh, I love to see you writing about Route 66. I am such a fan of Americana and the Route. Yahoo!

Ditto on Bobcat Bite ! You are making my mouth water ! xxoo

Just thinking about green chilis and Blake's makes me homesick!

Oh yes! I like those green chilis. Had my first of the hot little ones at a favorite Scottsdale, AZ spot called Mag's HamBun.

Yeah, and Route 66 captured my imagination -- remember the TV series? I love the jazz version of the tune. My husband's jazz groups not only played it, but he traveled the route with his bachelor buddies from east to west through all those cities named in the tune, long before I knew him, back in the '50's. What a trip then. Who would have thought many years later we would find our daily travels from our home putting us on Route 66 every day when we moved to So. Cal. I'm still driving a portion of it daily.

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