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March 01, 2007


We've only had Macs, since we began freelancing many many years ago. When I first started working on a computer, though, in the late 80s, my boss had Xywrite, which seemed to involve many many keystrokes to accomplish what you could on a Mac using one or two!

The first real computer I ever worked on was a Mac and it was so user friendly it spoiled me. My son is an IT person and he wishes the world would switch to Macs!

I'll let you know when I find one. So far I'm not impressed. I am getting use to a new laptop as well as Vista so it's all new and thats not really so fun.

unfortunately I have Vista and I hate it!!! You need access for everything. The first time I saw the new "Hi, I'm a PC and I'm a Mac" commerical I is so true!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Apple, MotherPie's husband!
I have been a mac user since before the term macintosh appeared, had apple IIs, Gs and everything else apple came up with and just loved it!

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