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April 27, 2007


My first born is a girl also, and I can remember looking at her - amazed that this cherub was mine. It is a miracle, indeed! Happy BD to daughter #1.

Happy Birthday to my precious neice ! Much love, Aunt Carron

I am an eldest child myself, and I've greatly enjoyed that roll. Even though it's filled with responsibility, "it's good to be Queen." My eldest, and only, is a son. He's always been the joy of my heart, and we've shared the best times together. But, I find at sixteen that he doesn't want to be with me as much...I miss him dreadfully, but I know I need to give him space.

However, for you? I'm so happy your daughter is twenty four today, and you have the joy of one another.

I didn't have a second child, so of course, it's an experience I am missing. But I too, will always remember looking into the eyes of my baby daughter and that first moment when she lay on my breast.

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