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April 10, 2007


I first learned about these amazing birds through a book called "Red-tails in Love" by Marie Winn. What a great book. It details all of the birdwatching that goes on in Central Park. I have given that book as a gift many, many times.

Great link with stunning photos. I remember you posting about it last year and hearing about it on the news.

I thought today's post would be about you and Mr. Fatherpie since it was "lovebirds in New York" ! hehe

We are fortunate in my part of the world to see wildlife on a daily basis. That is one part of city life that would be very difficult for me.

The fact that any animal decides to nest and procreate in a big city has always amazed me.
A couple of years ago, there were two ducks sitting on their eggs in the middle of Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris. And it was lovely to see the ducklings on the big pond.

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