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April 25, 2007


There certainly may be something to your supposition that the non-linearity of new learning methods is a product of feminine influence. Men and women were designed to complement each other. A non-gender specific organism like the internet should reflect both linear and non-linear modes, simple because it is non-gender. Thinking modes also seem to be tied somewhat to personality types. More creative individuals are less linear, more accretive. Executive types tend to be highly linear. I fear that if teaching styles become overly influenced by a particular methodology that perhaps utilizes strictly non-linear learning methods, the linear thinkers will be left behind. I think we have seen the opposite of this in years past in that instruction was geared toward the male (linear) mind. As a result, there may have been a bias against females (non-linear) on certain standardized tests. There must be a balance achieved that tailors the approach to the individual. The internet, being non-gender-specific, may become the ideal medium for teaching by such a tailored approach.

This is fascinating and a good catch about an influential change in teaching and learning. My youngest is doing some of this at school and it was very foreign to me. Thanks for showing me its origin!

It would seem that we're almost a 'season' ahead of you as the Irises begin to die back.
Best wishes

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