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May 21, 2007


It's too bad that such advice usually goes in one ear and out the other for these young grads. It is only after we get a little gray hair that we realize the wisdom in such words.

Yes, how many dire decisions would have been side-stepped, had some just listened to their mothers? But what if your mother is Barbara Bush--what then??

Love the "advice" given at commencements. Most of the time it is forgotten by the time the ceremony is over.
I enjoyed these and look forward to more.

it never seems to amaze me that if your NOT white in this country, you can say what ever you want ,,,and NOT be held accountable. i,m sure ophra meant nothing bed by her comments ,,,but if we,re gonna be thinned skinned ,,,,what,s good foe the goose ..............................

"Really good white folks working for me"

Oprah, I didn't see or hear your speech but I'm hoping maybe the rest of your speech had something better to be absorbed than how I absorded this one line. "Good white folks" sounds pretty prejudiced to me.

You're an intelligent Woman, why say something like that?

Sorry, but it sounds like you're one of the ignorant folks from the PAST declaring they have good black folks working for them. TSK...

Sad.... ~ Jim

How can Oprah Winfrey make such a remark "hiring good white people" in a graduation speech, and not get the same flack that other's have been getting? shame on that racist you know what.

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